Battle Cry

We are currently living through a historical crux. A pivotal time that will redefine our nation for generations to come. As an undergrad, I studied 20th-century history. I studied Lennon, Marx, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Roosevelt, Hoover, Eisenhower and many other pivotal men. Men. I studied how men with low self-esteem called upon their inner Napoleon to … Continue reading Battle Cry

A Wintery Walk

It’s snowing so peacefully today, I couldn’t resist utilizing my lunch break to get outside and take some pictures. Strolling around my neighborhood in wintery silence is just what I needed; a little bit of beauty to help balance out my emotional scales. May the stillness of winter bring you peace and balance. Cheer, Amy

What 8 Years of Marriage Has Taught me About Relationships

This past fall (September to be exact), my husband and I celebrated our 8-year wedding anniversary. Although we have been together over a decade, the most lesson-learning has occurred in our matrimonial years. I know in the grand scheme of life 8 years isn’t long. But when I think about how society has increasingly begun to view … Continue reading What 8 Years of Marriage Has Taught me About Relationships