Battle Cry

We are currently living through a historical crux. A pivotal time that will redefine our nation for generations to come. As an undergrad, I studied 20th-century history. I studied Lennon, Marx, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Roosevelt, Hoover, Eisenhower and many other pivotal men.


I studied how men with low self-esteem called upon their inner Napoleon to make up for their daddy-issues. I studied how men bashed in the heads of and arrested women who dare fight for equal rights. I studied how men dismantled the field of midwifery so they could better control women’s bodies. I studied great men who were guided by great women. 

It’s time for great women to come out of the shadows and take their place at center stage.

Men have written our story. Men have been the players, the deciders and the revisionist historians of our American narrative. I say: no more. Now is the time for women to take the helm.

Here is my battle cry:





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