The Loss of a Legend

Credit- Lisa Baumert

Photo Credit: Lisa Baumert

Yesterday the whole world died a little. We lost a man who rewrote the rules of music, art and fashion so that he may share his most authentic self. I grew up listening to Prince. Rocking out in my friends basement’s to songs like Raspberry Beret and 1999. He created the soundtrack to the 80s I grew up in.

I can’t claim to be a “huge” fan. I don’t own any of Prince’s music and I’ve never seen him in concert, but my heart is broken.

I don’t know if the hurt I feel is because we were fellow Minnesotans who shared the same intense feelings of “hometown pride”, the fact that his music was in the background of every major milestone of my youth, or that he was a man so larger-than-life you can’t not be a fan, but I hurt.

The world has changed these past 24 hours. It has become a little more real and a little less magical.

Prince was a force to be reckoned with. But why? What was it about him that made him so inspirational? What was it that allowed him to touch so many people? I won’t even begin to try to answer those questions, but I like to think it is because music is the only language that transcends us all.

Music can bring us joy and happiness but can also force us to reflect. Music can give words to the pain we ourselves cannot put words to. It gives us the opportunity to share with others and to open up the most intimate parts of ourselves. People use music to celebrate, to grieve, to love and release.

Music is truly a gift and those who share that gift are the most important people among us – he was one of the most important people among us. The world will never again know a force like him. And for that we hurt, for that we grieve, and for that we celebrate.




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