Gray Duck Turns One!


It was exactly one year ago today I published my first blog post.  It was a big step for me as a writer (putting yourself out there for people to judge and criticize isn’t easy) but in return I have been the grateful recipient of respectful readership, kindness and support.

My blog isn’t insanely popular but I’ve had a few thousand people visit over the last 12 months.  My intention of starting Gray Duck was not to make money from it or gain a gazillion followers, it was simpler than that.  I wanted to write.  The last year on Gray Duck has allowed me to hone my voice, get comfortable with style, develop discipline and really stretch my limits as a writer.

Over the past year I have written about projects, how-to’s, health and wellness, and posted some of my favorite recipes.  The content has ebbed and flowed with my interests but over the next year I would really like to fine-tune my niche as a writer.  I also plan to incorporate guest posts to shake up the voice of Gray Duck and tackle more current events.  But one thing will stay the same: I will continue to write with the utmost honesty and be genuinely me.

I don’t know what the next year will bring for Gray Duck but I am looking forward to being back here next August celebrating another anniversary.  I want to thank all of my readers for visiting, liking, sharing, following and commenting on my posts.  You are greatly appreciated.




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