Early Spring Stroll

I may be biased but I think I live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Saint Paul! When searching for our first home we had no idea we would stumble upon this hidden gem called the West Side!  We instantly fell in love with the architectural diversity, the amazing views of the Saint Paul skyline and its nature-loving residents.  Nearly every home in our neighborhood has some form of garden….a good number of us don’t grow grass; we grow flowers and vegetables (which makes this neighborhood a beautiful one to take a stroll through).

Many people consider early spring to be the “buffer” time between winter and summer.  But in reality, if you pay attention, you can witness Mother Nature waking up from hibernation. Tulips, Crocus, Daffodil and Scillia push their way through the warming soil, the unfurling buds of trees and shrubs reach for the sun and burst into bloom and the green foliage of violets, clover and Creeping Charlie crawl across the lawns.  Early spring truly is a wondrous season! We took  full advantage of the warm weather this weekend and went out to explore.  Here’s what we found:


IMG_7319_2A few bunny bites.

IMG_7331_2My Forsythia shrubs are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and their bright yellow hues are a welcomed sight!



IMG_7415This blue Scillia is a native plant to Europe (people brought it with them when they immigrated to America) and is a very abundant, very beautiful early spring flower!




IMG_7516The blooming Magnolia trees look like snow (and smell amazing!)






IMG_7656One of my neighbors filled her boulevard with Nanking Cherry Plants, when they are in bloom they are quite a spectacular sight!


IMG_7779_2Violets are one of my favorite early spring flowers.  In a few weeks when there are enough to harvest I will share with you how to turn the blooms into a fresh, tasty syrup!

Early spring is one of my favorite seasons (OK, I say that about every season), but it really offers the best weather: the air is still crisp but the sun warms your skin!  I also love how unpredictable the weather is (one day it’s 70 and the next day it’s snowing), I know a lot of people hate that about Minnesota springs but it won’t be long before we hit the Dog Days of summer and every day is humid and 90 degrees.  I’m still enjoying being able to snuggle up with a quilt and watch the slow and steady procession of spring.  Take some time this week to venture out and notice the subtleties of this delicate season.  Wishing you and yours a beautiful spring!




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