How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee


I developed into a coffee drinker slowly over the years.  I had always been a dabbler but never one to start every day with a cup of Joe.  That all changed six years ago after my husband and I spent three weeks travelling through Europe…those Europeans sure do know how to make an amazing cup of coffee!  I never thought I would be one to enjoy coffee, it always seemed so bitter to me.  Turns out, making a good cup of coffee is a process that requires the right materials and equipment.  After we returned home from our travels we were on a mission to mimic the coffee we had been enjoying for three weeks.  It had to have just the right amount of flavor, boldness and smoothness. The trick we learned is that a French Press makes a superior flavored coffee compared to a drip brew.  It takes a little more hands-on time to make coffee in a French Press but it is well worth it! Today’s guest post explains the how’s and why’s of French Press coffee!


If you’ve never experienced the full-bodied flavor of French Press coffee, you’ve been missing out! This method of coffee brewing yields a brew that is both strong and free of the natural oils that can build up in a regular coffee maker. Once you start grinding your own hand-picked coffee beans for French Press coffee, you’ll never go back.

Some may be scared off by the seemingly elaborate procedure of preparing French Press coffee, but it’s really quite simple! Begin by selecting your coffee beans of choice and follow our guide for measuring the amount to be used; grinding any more coffee beans than necessary will result in wasted coffee, as it loses its potency quickly after grinding. Aim for a coarse consistency that is somewhere between table salt and steel cut oats.

To make the actually coffee, you will need to boil the appropriate amount of water. Once that is done, and you have your freshly-ground coffee, you’re only five minutes away from the joys of French Press coffee! Just make sure to pour your coffee as soon as it is prepared to avoid a bitter taste developing. When maintaining your French Press, make sure to avoid metal spoons or utensils to prevent scratches, and avoid using soaps as they can become trapped in the filter.












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As you can see, brewing coffee in a French Press is fairly straight forward and the good news is you can buy inexpensive French Press makers at any home goods or kitchen store (we have two).  I only wish there were a way I could set an automatic timer to have my fresh pressed coffee ready for me upon waking! If you have a little extra time this weekend, make yourself a cup of pressed coffee…I promise, you’ll be hooked!




4 thoughts on “How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee

  1. Reblogged this on aromaticcoffees and commented:
    Thank you for a useful article. I absolutely agree about French Press over drip machines. I only use my machine as a “get up and go” tool in the morning. Otherwise, the little bit of time and effort to do the job properly is well worth it.


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