DIY Area Rug


I love rage rugs: they offer amazing visual interest, a giant pop of color and are an eco-friendly way to use up fabric scraps.  Last fall I painted and redecorated our front porch and really wanted an area rag rug to nestle under the new daybed.  A quick Google search revealed how expensive a rag rug the size I needed would be and there was no way I was going to spend $100+ on a rag rug.  Instead, I headed over to the closest Big Box home improvement store and spent $25.  Here’s what I did:

1. Drive to store and find end cap with $2.99 18”x 30” rag rugs.

2. Grab enough rugs for my desired measurements.

3. Lay them out on the floor to choose coordinating colors.

**These rugs only come out when there is a surplus of fabric so check end caps regularly or ask management if they know when the next shipment will come in.


Now comes a little bit of work, but not much.  You will need a scissors, some coordinating or contrasting scrap yarn, a darning needle and your rugs.


4. Lay the rugs out how you want them

5. Tie the rugs together using your yarn.  It’s really that simple!



People tease me and like to call me “cheap” because I rarely pay full price for anything.  I like to find creative ways around blowing my financial load on an armchair, dining room table or in this case, an area rug.  I think the rug looks great, it serves its purpose and was a quarter the cost of the cheapest rug I could find online.  I call that ingenious! Get creative and get creating!





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