How to Feel Confident in a Bathing Suit in Two Steps

bathing suit

It has finally arrived: Spring Break season!  This is the time of year when many of us head south for warmer weather and sunshine.  Hopping a plane to a tropical destination where you will spend several days sipping on Rum and Cokes, working on your tan, splashing around in the water and strutting down the white sand beaches of the Caribbean (or your vacation spot of choice) is a welcomed event for many.  For others, the thought of wearing a swimsuit in front of people triggers paralyzing panic attacks, a club I myself am a member of.  Our media driven culture thrusts their vision of “ideal beauty” in our faces every chance they can get and their beauty standards are by far unattainable for any woman who is not the direct descendant of a Greek goddesses.

Whether you just had a baby, feel exposed in a bathing suit, wish you would have lost a few more pounds, are embarrassed of your stretch marks, cellulite or whatever else makes you feel self-conscious in a swim suit I want to assure you that we all feel that way time and again. The trick is to not let your fears of what you think other people will think of you dictate how you live your life. We all have flaws, no one is perfect, and that’s a good thing! Today I am going to discuss how to feel confident, even sexy in a swimsuit no matter what your age or size so you can enjoy a relaxing spring break of frolicking on the beach!

Step 1: Find a Suit you Love

A quick Google search of “bathing suits for your body type” will yield thousands of results telling you which box you fit into: Straight, Pear, Apple or Hourglass. I prefer not to pay articular attention to these rules because I feel they only make you even more self-conscious of what you deem to be your “flaws”. The trick to wearing a swimsuit is to find one you feel absolutely stunning in and these “body type” guidelines are very limiting. I suggest you throw out the rules and wear what fits your style and personality! Whether it’s a high-waisted suit with vintage flare, a bright red string bikini or a one piece with peek-a-boo cutouts, wear what makes you feel fabulous not what a body-shaming list tells you to wear!

Step 2: Throw Caution to the Wind

My most important suggestion for feeling fabulous at the beach is to not care what you think people think of you. There is a great quote that states “you wouldn’t care so much what people thought of you if you knew how seldom they do”. Think about that for a second. In our multi-media world we tend to feel like we are constantly on display and that people are always looking at and judging us. The truth is, most strangers don’t care as much about us as we tend to think they do and even if they do, who cares?! How often when you are out with friends and family do you pay attention to what strangers are wearing or what they look like? Probably not very much because you are focused on the people you are with! Once I hit the beach and take that first step into the warm waters of the Caribbean I forget entirely any fears or worries I may have had about how I look in a bathing suit!

Just remember, even if someone is mean or cruel enough to do or say something to make you feel badly they are just projecting their self-consciousness onto you!! I know this is easier said than done, but with practice you can learn to tune out that voice in your head that tells you to worry what strangers think of you. Especially since they are just that: strangers; people you will probably never see again. Don’t let them rob you of your fun!  Be confident in your body and I promise, you will exude how beautiful you truly are!!




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