12 Days of Gift Giving: Day 11


I am a collector of jewelry – bracelets and rings mostly.  I am also one to take my jewelry off and leave it lying around the house in odd places: hanging on a door knob, in a teacup in the kitchen, on the table in the foyer, on the edge of the bathroom sink – really anywhere it doesn’t belong.  It might be because I like to enjoy my jewelry even if I’m not wearing it or I could just be too lazy to go upstairs and put it away. Either way, item #11 on my handmade gift list will help me solve my jewelry conundrum.  Pretty handmade clay dishes will not only allow me to leave my jewelry all over the house but will also keep my pieces safely contained!  Whether you make up one or a bunch I promise you, these easy dishes are sure to become a staple in your home, too!


  • 4 coordinating colors of baking clay
  • 1 lb of white baking clay
  • X-Acto knife
  • Oven safe bowl – a ramekin is perfect
  • Gold liquid gilding
  • Small paintbrush
  • Glaze
  • Rolling pin or large round jar
  • Parchment paper




Preheat your oven to 275 degrees F; lay out parchment paper and tape it down so the clay doesn’t stain your work surface, then cut off about 1/3 of the clay from each block


Roll out each color to about 6″ long – feel free to play around with the thickness: make a thicker roll of white and a thinner roll of a bold accenting color, for example


Combine all of the rolls together and twist them


Pinch the ends together


Roll it out to around 12″ and fold it in half, twist it, roll it smooth, fold it over and repeat until you start to see it marble


When you reach your desired marbling smash the clay into a ball roll it smooth

 IMG_6296 IMG_6298

Using your rolling pin, roll out the clay so it is around 1/4″ thick – when rolling move in varying directions, much like if you were rolling out dough


Using your ramekin as a guide, cut out a circle with your x-acto knife


Gently place your cutout on the ramekin – do not push it into the dish but merely set it on top so it sinks in the middle (this will give is a subtle “bowl” shape)


Bake your bowl for 15 minutes (or to the specified time/temperature on the label of your clay). Once it is baked and completely cooled, use your paint brush to accent the rim of the dish with the gold gilding – allow to dry completely. When the dish is dry seal it with the liquid glaze and let dry for 24 hours before using


Although this item requires a few more steps, you will see that you can move through them fairly quickly. If you want to make multiple dishes just roll out more clay, I even made one dish by rolling together all of my clay scraps.  Once the dish is baked you will notice that it will feel more like rubber than clay but rest assured, this is a very durable item!  Please note, however, that even though you seal the dish with glaze it is not food safe or completely waterproof so make sure to place it in a dry area.  Make this item gift worthy by wrapping the dish in tissue paper and placing in a little box.  If you want to make this an extra special gift, why not present it with a piece of jewelry?!  If you or those on your gift list are anything like me, I always have a need for small dishes to store the random ring, bracelet, necklace, keys or even loose change!  Remember, when creating something like this there is no “right” or “wrong” so have fun!



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