12 Days of Gift Giving: Day 10


Day 10?! Can you believe it?  It feels like only yesterday I started this series and I’m feeling a little bittersweet about it coming to an end; I love a reason to get artsy.  Anyway.  While I was doing some doodling I came up with an awesome idea for gift #10 on my list: painted porcelain mugs!  This one is amazingly inexpensive; you can buy white mugs from the dollar store and pick up an oil-based paint pen for just a few dollars at your local crafts store. There are limitless possibilities for this project, I encourage you to create your own illustrations but I will be sharing with you today a few pointers on how to make your own Dandelion mug.  So gather your supplies and let’s get creating!


  • Porcelain Mug – any color you want but I prefer the clean look of white
  • Oil-Based Paint Pens in a variety of colors – I used Craft Smart pens in black and red
  • Your endless imagination


Instructions and Tips:

  • Decide on an image: I like to sketch out a few ideas on paper before I work on the mug. Remember, you are working on a curved surface so go slowly but worry not, if you make a mistake you can scrub it off with hot water and an abrasive pad.  You can also transfer an image or use a stencil but I like the natural, imperfect lines and shapes you get from doing it by hand.


  • When you are ready to draw on the mug make sure to hold the pen perpendicular to the surface, this will keep the paint consistently running to the tip and help you achieve more even lines.
  • I also like to avoid painting on the rim or the inside of the cup, the paint is toxic and I wouldn’t want my coffee or tea stewing in it.
  • I’m right-handed so I like to draw my image with the handle facing the left, that way when I take a sip from the mug the image will be facing out.
  • When you have finished your mugs place them on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven. Preheat to 350 degrees F. By preheating with the mugs already in the oven it will protect them from cracking and breaking.   Once the oven reaches temperature bake the mugs for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes is up turn the oven off and prop open the door, leave the mugs in the oven until they are completely cool. This step will also protect them from breaking.

Dandelion Illustration:

With the handle to the left (or right if you are left-handed) draw an X in the middle of the mug, then draw a line from the center of the X to the base of the mug. Surround your X with dots in a circular pattern.

Turn your dots into seeds by making a smaller x and then a + over that, fill in where there are any gaps or add some more seeds to round out the shape.


Towards the top of the mug, just to the right of your flower, draw short lines going in various directions all the way around to the handle.  Turn your lines into blowing seeds by drawing dots at both ends and fanning out lines at whichever end you would like to be the top of the seed.


Wasn’t that fun?  I will probably make one of these for everyone on my gift list!  One can never have too many mugs in their cabinet.  You could personalize mugs with initials, special dates, write a favorite quote or draw something that makes you think of them: if they love music draw notes, if they love reading draw a stack of books, etc. The possibilities truly are endless! Make this item gift worthy by wrapping the mug with a bag of hot cocoa or some homemade Chai tea!  Give that lucky person on your list a set of mugs or just one, either way, this gift is sure to impress!



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