How to Whiten your Teeth Naturally


I’m a coffee drinker.  I start every morning with a 16 oz. mug of coffee, a smidge of creamer and two sugars.  Because of this habit my teeth are more susceptible to staining much like how yours are if you drink coffee, red wine, soda, smoke cigarettes, etc.  And if you are anything like me, battling those stains is a daily concern.  The teeth whitening industry is booming.  Just a casual walk down the oral health isle at your local Target will reveal a plethora of at-home teeth whitening kits (with varying costs).  I remember years ago when the first “white strips” came out onto the market.  I was the first in line to grab a box and give them a try.  They did work; even though they tasted horrible and made my teeth incredibly sensitive: I’m talking breathing-in-cold-air-is-painful sensitive.  I quickly discontinued my use of them and, rather than give up my morning coffee, I gave up the notion that my teeth would ever be naturally white again.  That is until a serendipitous injury led me to discover a natural, sensitive-free way of whitening my teeth (which I am going to reveal to you today)!

Let me start this story at the beginning: A few months ago at one of my dentist appointments the hygienist suggested I have my gums “de-brined”.  It is a $90 procedure where they gently squirt water under your gum line to loosen any built up plaque (because apparently that’s what happens when you don’t floss every day).  We went ahead with the procedure and she continued to lecture me about my gum health – which are healthy, just not “healthy enough” according to her (I am fortunate enough to have excellent oral health; I just think she wanted a reason to perform an extra procedure, but hey, that could just be the conspiracy theorist in me talking).  Anyway, skip ahead a few days and I endured a small cut on my hand while prepping dinner – nothing a little peroxide couldn’t handle.  As I reached a q-tip into the bottle I noticed the word “de-brining” printed on the back label.  Had I not just had that procedure done at the dentist the word may have never caught my attention, but alas, it did.  There they were: directions for de-brining your gums at home using peroxide and water (which is a lot cheaper than the $90 I spent!).  So that night as I got ready for bed I followed the directions and began de-brining my gums at home.  This became part of my daily brushing routine and after a few short days I began to notice something: my teeth were becoming noticeably whiter (I’m talking a natural looking white, not a glow-in-the-dark-white).  Who knew that the secret to naturally whiter teeth lived in a $2.00 bottle of hydrogen peroxide (OK, this may not be news, but it was news to me)?!


So, here it is my friends, the moment you have been waiting for: two capfuls of peroxide mixed with two capfuls of water are all it takes to whiten your teeth naturally. Swish before you brush for as long as possible.  I try to swish for 20 or so minutes but the peroxide foams up and it can become difficult to swish for that long.  The great thing is that the foaming gets up under you gum line and cleans it out, just like it does a cut.  At my most recent dentist appointment the hygienist was impressed by how much my gum health had improved (without daily flossing like she had suggested).  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “don’t floss” – you should definitely floss your teeth.  However, this is a nice little trick to not only keep your gums healthy but to whiten your teeth without the use of chemicals!

What products do you use to whiten your teeth naturally? What tips and tricks can you share?




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