Good Morning



This morning I awake with the sun.  Its bright rays creep gently past the curtain and pull at my eyelids trying to rouse me with the enthusiasm of a child. I breathe in deeply and stretch my arms above my head curling my fingers and toes as I push my body into four different directions.  I drop my arms at my side with a refreshing sigh.  I love the serenity of the mornings, the feeling of isolation, the low angle of the sun on the horizon, and the sound of the birds as they wake.  I flip the covers off and put my bare feet to the ground.  The wood is cold and I release a quick shiver and reach for a small quilt carelessly strewn on a chair in the corner.  I grab the edge closest to me with both hands and whip it over my shoulders like a cape.  I head to the kitchen and make myself a cup of hot tea and head outside to the beach.  I step through the cool sand and feel it squish between my toes.  It is soft and comforting, like walking on marshmallows.  I step up to the dock.  Its wooden planks are a stark contrast to the soft sand.  They are study and firm, rough but not painful.  As I make my way down the long catwalk the wood creeks, the dock sways slightly and the thud of my heels echo off the calm water.

I look out to the large lake.  It is quiet and serene.  Still in its slumber its glassy surface reflects the plush supply of spruce, poplar, pines, birch and maples who paint their autumnal, iridescent hues in watercolor swirls across the surface.  The cool crisp air blows gently through the leaves and they dance so delicately I can almost hear them tinkling like bells.  The air playfully tugs at them and a yellow Maple leaf flutters to the ground. The breeze chases it in spirals up and down the shore.  The wind chime begins to sing with a deep, melodious clanking.  Steam from my tea rolls over the edge of the cup and begins to swirl gracefully in the cool air as if the two are summoning one another in a mystical dance.  I put the porcelain to my lips, blow gently and take my first sip.  I make a slurping sound as the fresh, invigorating flavor of mint both cools and warms my mouth.  As I swallow I can feel heat move down my throat and into my stomach.

The sun is just rounding over the heathered hills in the distance and the sky is filled with oranges and golds; pinks and blues.  Off in the distance I spot a mallard skating quietly; gently across the lake.  In this moment I begin to realize the grandeur of the world in which I live.  Gratitude begins to fill my chest; I feel warmth within me like a sunbeam.  I look to the sky.  As the sun floods the lake with light I say goodnight to the last evening star.    The bright yellow hues of the sun illuminate and gently warm my skin.  The world begins to wake; I begin to wake. I sit on the edge of the dock and let my legs dangle over the side, my toes just barely skimming the surface of the cool water.  I breathe in deeply and am at peace knowing there is nowhere in the world I need to be but right here, right now.




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